Company Profile

We are into the business of Food Production and packaging with a proven track record of success. Our constant vigil on the quality of our product and best trade practices has greatly helped in sustained growth of the market.
We started off with a modest venture founded by Late Om Prakash Bansal, father of Sri Pradeep Kumar Bansal in the year 1964 with Shiv Shakti Tea Packeters, dealing in tea packaging in the District of Jind, in Haryana. In the year 1990, we came to Siliguri and set up a branch of Shiv Shakti Tea Packeters and with each passing day we gained new insights with increased demands and in the Year 2006, Sri Pradeep Kumar Bansal, established our flagship organization, Shiv Shakti Tea Trade Pvt. Ltd. An ISO Certified Company since 2006 involved in tea packaging and trading with market stronghold in the states of West Bengal, Haryana, Bihar and Jharkhand.
Guru Sweet & Snacks, an ISO Certified Company since 2009 is one more of our ventures and is our sweetmeat and confectionary unit. The operations and market of Guru Sweets & Snacks has been growing continuously since its inception , owing to the quality of our products and the high level of hygiene that has never been compromised.
We understand from our experience along with sustained study and analysis from feedbacks from our valued customers , that the general public have become aware of the harmful effects of synthetic elements in food products and the demand for organic products are increasing by the day.
This realization for the demand and the need for organic products have greatly inspired us in bringing in bio-organic products for agriculture, horticulture and the plantation sectors
With the inspiration to fire us and the will to contribute to the growth of Agriculture without reversing the natural process, we have established Shiv BIO-ORGANIC to produce and market cost effective bio-organic products such as fertilizers and pesticides. In bringing in this new venture to fulfill our duties towards this beautiful planet we call home, we are confident that the success stories of our earlier ventures will be replicated, as we shall remain committed towards the quality and affordability of our products.

Why Bio-organic farming has become so important in today’s environmental context.

It’s a known, disappointing fact that genetically modified foods and modern farming practices have wrecked our soil. Research coming from multiple studies reveals that Bt toxins ruin the very earth that allows such abundant plant life to grow on this planet. Earthworms and natural microbes as well as beneficial insects that help our plants grow into vital fruit and vegetable-giving sustenance are no longer looked at as viable options for farming or gardening. We have nuked the soil with pesticides and herbicides, which has largely contributed to the massive decline in our foods nutritional value.
We may sum up the negative impacts of the agro-chemicals thus:

  • Soil Degradation
  • Decline of Soil Fertility
  • Environmental Pollution
  • Brackish Ground Water
  • Run-off & Flooding
  • Salinity
  • Decline of Irrigation Efficiency

Thinking about dirt may not be glamorous, but it is essential to organic and sustainable farming. While the soil is damaged, it may not be irrevocable – yet. But we need to act soon if we want to save our soil and the food. The concern that almost all countries are talking about is the health of our planet, “mother Earth” and her ecology. Since the First United Nation Conference on Human Environment, 1972, in Stockholm, Sweden and through the Earth Summits the alarm bells have been tolling. The Rio De Jeniro Earth Summit, 1992 focused on the state of Global environment and the relationship between economics, science and environment. The Rio Summit stressed the need for following the principle of sustainable Development without straining the ecology and environment.
Against this backdrop of concern, Shiv Bio-Organic has looked back for inspiration to a celebrated Austrian Philosopher Rudolf Steiner who, in 1924 had set in motion the concept of organic farming and the biodynamic agriculture, the first modern system of agriculture to focus exclusively on organic methods for farming.