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Why Are We Here ?

The Growth Vs Environment debate is on in India, which is a global concern. As in many other countries, the Government of India has taken up the initiatives for making the Indian economy a Green one through various projects and has also invited initiatives from private players. In consonance with the spirit of the Government, we are for growth without environmental degradation.

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What is Organic Farming?

Organic farming or agriculture is an integrated farming system that strives for sustainability and the enhancement of soil fertility and biological diversity. The system looks at and utilizes alternatives to synthetic fertilizers, pesticides etc. Bio- fertilizers contain living bio-organisms. They add nutrients through the natural process of nitrogen fixation, phosphorous solubility and stimulating plant growth through the synthesis of growth promoting substances, The micro organisms in the bio fertilizers restore the natural nutrient cycle of the soil and soil organic matter. Bio fertilizers help in enriching soil fertility which results in growing healthy plants. Similarly Bio-pesticides are based on natural products and thus bio-pesticides control pests through a natural process The best soil amendments feed both the soil and the plants, not deplete them, and definitely don’t ruin them for generations to come genetically modified crops do. Keeping this earth fertile starts with good, healthy soil. We have already face to face with ecological problem and this awareness has prompted the re-invention of organic farming. We are here to participate in Organic Movement with our products and innovations. We are for protecting our Mother Earth. You can nourish the soil and its micro universe of life forms using Shiv Bio-Organic products. Our products are for natural growth of plants, for producing healthy food and fibre .We are for sustainable development restoring, maintaining and enhancing ecological balance for protecting bio-diversity in the interest of human society. The use of our products ensures optimization of the health and productivity of interdependent communities of soil, plants, animals and people as they go the natural way, never reverse the natural process to the detriment of ecology and bio-diversity.

We go natural Be with us for healthy

  • Traditional farming practiced for thousands of year is now consider to be "organic farming"
  • Forest Gardening is thought to be the world's oldest and most resilient agro-ecosystem.
  • The industrial revolution introduced inorganic methods most of which have serious side effect.
  • An organic movement began in the 1940 as a reaction to agricultures growing reliance on synthetic fertilizers and pesticides, harmful to ecology.